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Welcome to Northlake Neurology!

Mission Statement
At Northlake Neurology, providing comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services
for neurological conditions in a timely and caring manner are our priority.

Our Services:
  • Outpatient office consultations
  • In-office neuro-diagnostic testing (EEG, EMG, and NCS)
  • In-office injection therapy for headaches

Neurology involves the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders regarding the
central and peripheral nervous systems. Disorders such as strokes, headaches,
sleep disorders, numbness/tingling, seizures, and many others require the
consultation of a neurologist. Furthermore, the field of neurology is a rapidly
advancing science where diagnostic and treatment modalities are constantly
evolving. Being evaluated and treated by a specially trained physician in neurology
often ensures that you are receiving the most up-to-date diagnostic testing and
treatment of neurological disorders.

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